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20.09.2016 New Hell will break loose in December - HATESPHERE album will be released on vinyl!

This is the new hell! HATESPHEREs current album is without doubt one of their best. That is why we wanted to do this on vinyl - again. This is already the 4th HATESPHERE album coming out on vinyl via Supreme Chaos Records!

The beautiful artwork is printed on a heavy 350gsm matte cover and a heavy paper matte insert. 180g vinyl guarantees best sound characteristics and durability. The album was fully mastered for vinyl by Tue Madsen from Antfarm Studios

There will be a special edition on white vinyl limited to 100 copies only and a black one. Both colors match the cover artwork perfectly.

When ordered at SCR mailorder we will add a special sticker for this album.

19.09.2016 ILLDISPOSEDs Grey Sky Over Black Town to be released on vinyl

The long wait is coming to an end! The new ILLDISPOSED album "Grey Sky Over Black Town" is about to be released on vinyl!

Of course quality matters, so what you get is 180g vinyl, 350gsm heavy cover print on matte paper, heavy matte printed insert and thre different colors. The splatter version will be outstanding once again. All editions will be hand numbered.

As a little bonus when ordered at SCR we will add a logo sticker 10x3cm.

22.08.2016 THE OSSUARY sign with Supreme Chaos Records

Italian doomsters THE OSSUARY sign with Supreme Chaos Records. Consisting of members that have been active in the underground scene for long this new ensemble mortale introduces with heavy doom rock breathing the spirit of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and the thrust of early heavy rock bands like Cactus, Captain Beyond, Wishbone Ash.

The debut album entitled “Post Mortem Blues” will hit the street by January 2017. The title could not be more fitting. Unpolished, pure sounding 8 titles that send you straight back to the 70s where THE OSSUARY would have been easily one of the heaviest bands on the planet.

The band states:
“We are really happy as we didn’t imagine this could happen when we first put this new band together just one year and a half ago. Things went fast but we know we worked hard and signing with Supreme Chaos Records is one hell of achievement - the first one in our case – and it’s great to know we have a home for our future record “mournings.”

The song “Graves Underwater” taken from the album can be listened in its entirety here:

15.08.2016 SCR related bands on Summer Breeze Open Air 2016

Watch out for bands playing Summer Breeze Open Air 2016. Released by SCR there will be UNDERTOW, NOCTE OBDUCTA, NAPALM DEATH (2 vinyl reissues), UNLEASHED (2 vinyl reissues to come), OBSCURE INFINITY (4 way death metal split vinyl) and ILLDISPOSED (previous album on vinyl, new album on vinyl to come).

So be there! Only 2 days to go!

Your time table:
17.08.2016 18:00-18:30 OBSCURE INFINITY (Camel Stage)
18.08.2016 12:00-12:30 UNDERTOW (Unplugged Campsite Circus)
19.08.2016 12:00-12:30 UNDERTOW (Unplugged Campsite Circus)
19.08.2016 23:15-00:15 UNLEASHED (T-Stage)
20.08.2016 19:15-20:00 NOCTE OBDUCTA (T-Stage)
20.08.2016 20:30-21:15 ILLDISPOSED (T-Stage)
20.08.2016 21:45-22:45 NAPALM DEATH (T-Stage)

See you there and cheers!

R.B. / August 15th 2015

14.07.2016 New server needed, warehouse clearance
Get some VINYL and CD cheapos and support SCR!

At Supreme Chaos Records headquarter there was a lot of IT trouble the past days, new hardware is needed. Consquently we are selling some cheapo packages.

The following support packages are available exclusively the next days:
30 € - LP surprise package 5 vinyl records including shipping (outside of Germany 40 €)
20 €- CD surpirse package 5 CDs including shipping (outside of Germany 25 €)
25 € - Mixed package 3 LPs / CDs including shipping (outside of Germany 35 €)

There are several genres available - ranging from Death and Black Metal over Thrash to Progressive Rock / Metal and Alternative Rock. You may name multiple genres.

Of course a lot is coming from the label catalogue.

Send a message via contact form and add address and genre.
Or send any amount of cash via paypal (starting at 1 EUR - if you add more we may send you some goodies even Patches, CDs and LPs):

Our paypal page:

Thank you for your attention!

R.B. July 14th 2016

19.05.2016 AGRYPNIE and TODTGELICHTER tour 2016

Tomorrow the WACHKOMA tour starts!

Our guys of Agrypnie and Todtgelichter will hit the road together with Austrias Anomalie!
Anomalie will have Torsten (Agrypnie) as live guitar player.

An exciting tour package for sure!

AGRYPNIE are not only presenting their current album "Aetas Cineris" but will also showcase new songs from the upcoming album.

TODTGELICHTER will bring their new highly anticipated album "Rooms" on the stage.

ANOMALIE will aloso present their current effort "Refugium".

Here are the dates - be part!

20.05. DE - Oberhausen, Helvete Metal Club
21.05. DE - Stuttgart, Club Zentral
22.05. CH - Zürich, Dynamo Zürich (offiziell)
23.05. DE - München, Feierwerk, München
24.05. AT - Salzburg, Rockhouse Bar
25.05. Würzburg, Cafe dom@in Jugendzentrum
26.05. AT - Wien, Viper Room Vienna
27.05. DE - Leipzig, Hellraiser Leipzig
28.05. DE - Weinheim, Café Central


AGRYPNIE on Facebook
ANOMALIE on Facebook

15.05.2016 WHITE DAZE new EP to be released

Listening to the White Daze test pressing. Blues Rock from the South... Southern Germany.

Hard to compare to any other artist so far, but the guitar work is definitively recognizable as well as the voice of Marc. Same goes for the bass lines which are played live by organ player Nico with one hand (sic!). All backed up by groving drums from drum animal Sebastian.
As it is quite amazing to watch live performances of this three piece they tried to catch the spirit with this new mini album.

Stay tuned for preorder! CD is widely available at Amazon etc. already!

Props to you, my friends - Marc, Nico, Sebastian.

Robby / SCR

WHITE DAZE on Facebook:

#bluesrock #vinyl #testpressing

27.04.2016 15 years SCR - Legacy magazine special

On our website there has been a bit of silence for a while. This was due to moving into a new office as well as a lot of productions that are still waiting to be finished. These releases are absolutely worth to be curious about!

2016 will be a very intense year. And it will be the 15th year of SCR. This is true, SCR are in the 15th year of existence!

This is a nice occasion to have some massive price campaigns and some really good news coming.

But first I want to give the German speaking visitors a short hint that there will be a nice special in the upcoming issue of the Legacy Magazine.

More (english) news will come up the very next days...

21.12.2015 TODTGELICHTER sign with Supreme Chaos Records

We are right now setting up our new headquarters.
And a new office always brings a lot of other great new ideas, projects and possibilities.

It was not much thoughts needed to offer TODTEGLICHTER to become part of the SCR family. This is pretty much the perfect start of a new era.

Next year, with the 15 years anniversary, this is going to be the first SCR release to see the light of the world. We are truely hyped about the new album "Rooms" which will be out on both, CD and vinyl.

Stay tuned for more informations about this amazing output!

Feel free to share the news on the net.

For promotion inquiries please contact Metal-Promotions.

Todtgelichter on Facebook

15.09.2015 LOST SOUL new album "Atlantis: The new beginning" vinyl release
LOST SOUL will release a new album entitled "Atlantis" as successor of "Immerse in infinity". The death metal force from Poland will break all limits with this new epos.

Together with our friends Apostasy Records we will bring this album to you guys out there. While Apostasy will release the CD version, we will issue the vinyl version in luxary gatefold housing.

During their over twenty years in history, LOST SOUL became an inherent part of the Polish death metal scene. Now, the band craves for world domination with "Atlantis: The new beginning". Their fifth full-length album is their most ambitious one to date. Production duties were once again helmed by mastermind Jacek Grecki himself while mixing and mastering were done afterwards by none other than Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski in their renowned Hertz Studios. The diversified sound is rounded out by some felicitous guest appearances by Dave Suzuki (ex-Vital Remains) and the Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra (o.a.).

In Jecek's own words: "'Atlantis' is damn fast, heavy, evil, dark, spacious, extremely massive and technical. It's with no doubt a full-blown, merciless metal album."

First trailer for the album:

LOST SOUL on facebook

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